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KS1 Star of the Week – 28th September 2018

Year 1

Year 2

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Sports of the year

In year 5 there are many sports to do.

Their are many options to choose from,such as: swimming,Cross country,tag rugby,5/6 basketball and many more.

We also include PE in one of our many activities of our many activities
We still have many topics to learn together but hopefully we’ll get through them all in the end.
These are some of our fun to do to PE topics:
ambitious balancing,tag rugby,dancing,gymnastics,hockey and cricket.

Year 5 enjoy there sports and hope you’ve liked what you have read.

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In years 5 and 6 you have the opportunity to join the choir and meet in our lovely music room. In choir we learn funny and silly songs that we enjoy singing.We even get the opportunity to go to the O2! We have a fantastic time in choir and are happy we have one. There are also piano lessons and key board lesson and many more.It is lots of fun playing different instruments as there are so many to learn!At any point in the school you can start learning to play the cool,modern instruments like violin,flute and guitar. We sing hymns and songs like cross over the road my friend,would you walk by on the other side and Be bold be strong.There are so much fun and amazing to do.There are different events for special occasions. Isabella ,Zara and Lucy

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In assemblies, We do a presentation of our work and each year group shares a piece of there work.Also we have shinning stars and they have it because their behaviour has been good and their presentation of work has been outstanding!Also they have
there photo taken.However we have houses which are:Ravens,Hawks
Swifts and Eagles and they win a House Cup with there houses colours:Ravens are blue,Swifts are yellow,Hawks are green and last but not least Eagles which are red.We also sing a hym to worship god and we have prayers at the end of the assembly’s.
On a Monday morning we have a assembly at 9:00am to 9:35

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Everything Edward

welcome to our everything edward blog / review we will be telling you about our upper school hymn practices.We have them every Thursdays for about 20 mins to practise to perform at church sevices for our parents to watch and enjoy. We also get to learn new songs and suggest some to work on and in future perform.We enjoy singing many hymns,including be bold be strong,teach me to dance,I the lord,my lighthouse and when God made the garden of creation.We have done a special activity called isingpop which was a week of practicing hymns that children can consider pop songs. Some of the isingpop songs are called fighting for love,joy,you make me sing and when I get that feeling,we really enjoyed this activity and hope you enjoy this blog as much.
Thank you for reading
By Samson Toni and Eve

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Rounding rap-find the place value and circle that digit move to the right and underline it 0-4 circle stays the same 5-9 adding one is the game.15=20

Roman numerals-I=1,V=5,X=10,L=50,C=10,D=500,M=1000

Mental math-500+300=? 10X10=?
Column method 500
So what u do is 0+0 then go to the tens column which is still 0 then go to the hundreds column and add it together and you will get your answer you do the same thing with column subtraction.

Times table-nine times tables 9,18,27,36,45,54,63,72,81,108
9×7=63 TIP:use your fingers as you go along.
Time:12:30=12Oclock in the morning 24:30=12Oclock at night
LCM(least common multiples)of fractions-3+4 so what you do is
You have to get the same Denominator 4 12 which is 12 so 4×3 is twelve so now you times that by the numerator and that 6 so 6+4 is 10 so it’s ten over 12
By chi-chi and harmony.

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Hello pupils and parents, in st.edwards when you reach year 5 and 6 at the beige I get of the year you will do TAG RUGBY.TAG RUGBY is lead by our beloved Rugby coach Scott.

This is a big opportunity for year 5 because it is the first time we have done this everyone is exited about who is getting into the team this year.We get to play lots of fun games with Scott including passing games,running games and the best part is scoring the try’s.

In our school we enter tournaments with our school teams to win medals for individuals and a trophy trophy for our school.The school TAG RUGBY TEAM enjoys competing against other schools at the tournaments.

So far in year 5 and 6 we have been enjoying doing this amazing sport TAG RUGBY. On Thursday morning and arfternoon with our beloved coach Scott.

By Brendon,Tracy and Finlay

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Swimming pool new makeover

St.Edward primary school swimming pool has been rebuild.
This is because we needed a new referbishment this has been
build because of are summer fate money.
There are new tiles in the pool itself and there are new
coulurs around the changing rooms and main entrance.
As we are fortunate enough to have a pool but St.Peters school don’t so we share the same swimming pool so that why we share
the swimming pool.
Mrs sales is a kind and caring teacher and teaches us how
to swim in the pool.
This is how we swim!

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Year 5/6 actives

In year 5 and 6 activities we do…

*tag rugby team
*football team
*basketball team
*hockey team
*cricket team
*5and6 assembly’s
*in year 6,you can be librarians ,house captains,vice captains or sports captains

Meet our choir teacher Mrs Hobbday.In choir you sing your heart out and believe in yourself.Choir is on every Monday lunchtime.You will go to the O2 if you try you hardest in choir.

Tag rugby team :
Our tag rugby coach Scott Is very very easy to understand and helps you a lot
He’s the best .

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The professional basket ball team

In year 5 and 6 we have been selected to play basketball we have a team near the end of the school year.last year we had coach Lamar he taught us how to play basketball and selected a team of pupils in year 5 and 6.also if your in year 5 or 6 a few people play basketball tournaments and their in the basketball team.we have fabulous players and we have already got More than 5 people in the team.we don’t only have basketball games we also have football’swimming ‘pe hockey cricket athletics tag rugby league and you might make it in any of these teams. We have one of the greatest

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