Our school trip to the Library.

Yesterday, 2h went to the Library.📖📚 We were shown lots of books that I liked. My favourite book was called ‘Poo at the Zoo’ because there was a glowing poo and I tho that it was funny.

By Harley Moorey.

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Swimming by Lottie goode



i love swimming 🏊‍♀️

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2H Visit to the Library

Yesterday 2H went to the Library.  The lady read us 3 very funny books. Then we could choose our own book and I chose a book about tractors because I like learning how machines work. It was over too quickly and it was time to go back to school.                Written by Thomas

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trip to library

I like my trip to the library. I liked  books because they were cool and interesting.

I will be  visiting the library with my mum next week.


Michaei odukoya

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On Tuesday the whole of 2p went to the library 📚 for a while.Then the Libarian told us some stories. Last but not least the librarian let us to have a good look at the books to read.After the librarian told us another story that was very funny.After 2p went back to school.   From Alex.

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Going to the library🔤

My class 2SO went to Romford library, there are 10 libraries in Havering! We read rhyming books and funny books. We had such a awesome time.

from Milo Ford

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My trip to the cinema😍😋

It was amazing to go to the cinema!! I felt so happy and excited . It s the best trip I had in year four so far it was so fun but sadly we had to go back to school what a lovely day I had. By sharon

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Library visit 📚

On Tuesday we went to the library 📚 a lady read a couple of books 📚.Then she let us read books 📚 that we chose our selves l chose some fairy books 📚.



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My favourite book 📚

My favourite book is seashell crafts book. I love craft, reading and drawing. I love drawing and making fairies. My favourite fairy book is Tiana the toy fairy because it is based on a real YouTube blogger.

Mia Sriskandarajah  2H


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A fantastic trip

Tuesday 24th April was the day 2so went to Romford library 📚. It was fun going to the library, my partner was Isabel.In the library we read lots of books 📖. My favourite book was Horrid Henry and the demon dinner lady because it was so interesting.


By Angel Roagess 2so

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