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2B’s Trip to the Moon

Today we brought in space helmets that we made at home and we imagined what it would be like going to the moon. We listened to music and walked around to show off our shiny space helmets. They were all so amazing!

After that we started eating our space picnic. We could eat jam or cheese sandwiches, chocolate biscuits and had a lovely hot chocolate. One child loved drinking her hot chocolate because it was so tasty and warm.

Another child said their favourite part was when the space music was on and we walked around the moon because it was so special to imagine what it would feel like. We were floating in the sky, jumping over huge crators and riding in moon buggies.

To end our space picnic we read a story about the moon and what you would find there.

Here are some pictures of our space picnic.

From 2B.


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2H’s Wonderful Space Picnic

Today Year 2 had a very special space picnic. We brought our shiny space helmets and imagined ourselves going to the moon.

In our picnic we had cheese or jam sandwiches, lovely hot chocolate and a yummy chocolate biscuit. One child really liked his jam sandwich because it was very delicious. Another child enjoyed her hot chocolate drink because it made my mouth water!

Afterwards we put our space helmets on and pretended to walk around the moon while listening to a song. we really like this because we could see all the other children also walking around and we were jumping over the craters.

We all loved our space picnic! Here are some photos of our day!

From 2H

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The Space Wonder of 2P

Today Year 2 went on a space picnic to the moon. We wore space helmets that we created at home. First of all we walked around and showed off our cool space helmets. They were all really amazing!

After that we had our space picnic. We ate yummy cheese and jam sandwiches, a delicious chocolate biscuit and the tastiest hot chocolate drink ever!  One child really like the jam sandwiches because they were her favorite sandwich. Another child loved the biscuit because it all crumbled in his mouth when he was eating it!

We also watched Neil Armstrong landing and walking on the moon! It was incredible to see!

We ended our space picnic with a lovely story about the moon and what it would feel like to be on the moon.

Please enjoy our photos of the day below!

From 2P


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