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Year 4 exclusive blog

Welcome to Pharrell,Victoria,brunthan,vinnie and Jed’s blog.

So in literacy,we are continuing to read the book called Varjak Paw by SF said.
We have found a lot of information in the book when we got to chapter 4 of the book.

In pshe we are learning about alcohol affects, alcohol is very dangerous and you could become ill.

In science we are learning about the digestive system.First it goes through the mouth then to the teeth and so on.

In computing we are doing a project on scratch.We are trying to make a educational game and some pupils have finished.some pupils game really works.

In inside Pe we are about ti chi and in outside PE we have hockey lessons and learn how to learn and tackle and soon we will start doing tournament’s

We hope you have learnt more about year 4️⃣

Sneak peek:we started to learn about algebra

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WE day at Wembley Arena

On the 22nd of March some of st.edwards years 6s went to Wembley for WE day. We started by getting up early and getting to the Romford Station at 0️⃣7️⃣:0️⃣0️⃣. On the train we played games and talked until we got there .

When we got there it was raining outside, but when we got in it started to stop raining .. We got in and the show started.
We talked about it doesn’t matter about your appearance that you achieve anything if you believe. It’s what you want to do in life you just go for it and if you think it’s impossible,well you never know unless you try.
The fun part  of the day was when  Jessie j,Fleur East , stormz, The Vamps and Conner Maynard performed their songs.

It was so fun and when we got back we were so tired . We had a lovely time. Hopefully we can go again!

Written by Nadia and McKenzie                                                        Digital leaders.               

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Spirituality day by Harry and Jesse!

Today was spiratulity day and all of us had a lot of fun. Dame Tipping Primary School came to our school, it was a really small school so they could just squeeze into our school.

We also had the privilege to taste food,we had; Pitta Bread with honey,dried fruit and grapes!

Father Mike told us a story about the angels   ;how the angel of death became the angel of life, He was one ☝️ of the angels who rolled the stone away.

At the end of the day we had a big assembly, Unfortunately The Vicar from Dame Tipping  was at a “Boring meeting which wasn’t that boring” so only made our assembly. All of us shared what we had been doing today.

We enjoyed our day today!

Harry and Jesse

Digital Leaders

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Bishop Stephen Visit

Bishop Stephen of Chelmsford came to St Edwards to talk about stuff like what he wears and who he has met. He lead assembly’s for both Lower School and Upper School and told us about how it was to be a Bishop and what his role was.He also lead a service and Queen was there as well.He also talked  about the things he would wear like a robe that had three crosses that represented God. He also told us that when we see a cross it shows how much God loves us. The whole school loved seeing Bishop Steven and wish to see him again.

By Malcolm And Ike

Digital Leaders

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Year 2 loved the storm whale


This week in Literacy we have been reading a book called the storm whale. Noi lived with his dad and with six cats.He found a little whale washed up on the beach and decided to take it home.He cared for the whale but he knew he had to take it back to the ocean. We really enjoyed the story we were really excited about finding out about the ending.We would really like to have an adventure with Noi!

written by Stephanie and Wenting 2BS




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Year 4 blog continued

This is a blog about what year four have been up to this week. We hope you enjoy.

On Thursday 2nd of March we dressed up for world book day. For example Amy was a Greek goddess named Venus. The whole day we made our stories (All of them were really good.)

In computing we are still working on are games on scratch.Soon they will be finished.

On Ash Wednesday we had an assembly and father Mike came in.He thought that it was shrove
Tuesday.He started making pancakes even though it was not pancake day.

In art we have been doing pop art,a cake,lollipops and doughnuts. Then we coloured them in and drew a shadow. We also drew our favourite breakfast.

Hang in there and year four will keep you another blog soon.

Eleanor, Sophie, Akosua and Daniella

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A surprise arrival in Reception!

Two weeks ago a mysterious egg arrived in Reception.  The children have been very curious and have been trying to guess what might be inside.  We have watched and listened to the egg carefully and this week it began to crack!

Today we arrived to find a bog baby!


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World Book Day in Reception!

The Jolly Postman and friends came to visit Reception today for World Book Day!

Reception staff and children have had a wonderful time sharing stories and information about our characters.  We enjoyed welcoming Year 5 this afternoon to read to us.

Keep your eyes peeled for further photographs and posts!


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World Book Day in Year 5

Today we had our World Book Day and we all got to dress up as our favourite book character. We had many creative ideas from Harry Potter to the Mad Hatter! In Year 5, we got to go to different classes for different fun and exciting activities based on…Aladdin. All three classes made booklets based on the Aladdin story which we plan on sharing with the children in Reception this afternoon!

Our teachers dressed up as characters from Aladdin – see the picture attached!!!

Eniola 5C

Year 5 Staff

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