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The exciting things we have been getting up to in Year 4

IN PE we have been listening to Chinese music whilst dancing using mirroring and unison techniques. We have got into pairs and acted out as Shang warriors, then we started marching into a line and began to fight in battle.

In science we have been learning about our digestive system and how our food travels through our body. Check back for more information next week.

Amy, Millie,Ewura,Ebony

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Year 2 pe with Mr Thomas

Every week Mr Thomas care to do pe with us. He told us to sleep well and move well also eat well and drink well. We danced with Mr Thomas in the hall.

We had a good time with Mr Thomas.


Jensen and Andrea 2H.


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Some of our amazing creations in Year 5!


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Year 5 Update

Last term was a very busy time in Year 5! We visited the cinema, The Science Museum,  and The Nativity Project and learnt a lot from each one.

The children gained new skills from designing and constructing their own motorised vehicle. They had to measure, saw, glue and work out how to build a circuit in order to make the car move.

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Safer Internet Day

On February 7th we focused on how to stay safe online.

As part of our day’s activities we looked at how we should be cautious regarding information on the internet and the need to always ask a parent’s permission before doing something new online.

We discussed different scenarios where young people needed guidance about online issues. Here is some advice from year 4  if a games website asks for personal details to download a game:

” You should never give personal information online. You don’t know who will read it and what they will do with it. I say don’t do it. Remember to check with a parent first”

Finally we used all our Internet Safety knowledge to create posters with our top Online safety tips. We hope you like them!











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Havering Primary Sports Team of the Year 2016

Last Monday, we were thrilled that St Edward’s Water Polo Team won the ‘Havering Primary Sports Team of the Year Award’ at the annual award ceremony organised by the Sports Council. It is the second year running that the school has won this prestigious award. Many congratulations to the team!

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Digital Leader- Tinufemi

HiMy name is Tinufemi,I am 1️⃣1️⃣ years old,I love the colour yellow and blue I am a Digtial Leader .My favourite Emoji is this onebecause no one no what it means.My favourite app is Yotube and Minecraft with my friends.


I ❤️ helping young children and pupils with their digital promblems I have good advice to share.

My favourite ⚽️ Team is                                                                                 Manchester United


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Digital leader – Mckenzie

Hi  . My name is McKenzie, I am a Digital Leader and I’m 11 years old . I want to be a Digital Leader because I love going online and discovering new things on the internet. 

When I’m older I want to be a clothes designer .                                 So far I’m just making pillows , but once I made a bag . (I was really proud of it) . 

My favouite football team ⚽️ are West Ham.

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Digital Leader-Gerrard

My name is Gerrard,I am 11 years old.I go to St Edwards CofE primary school.My favourite colour is red and blue.I have an iPhone 5s and a iPad mini .As a digital leader I want to make a public app for the school.

I ❤️ Love sports and I went to sportshall athletics and lee valley.I am in the school ⚽️  team. I support Arsenal.

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Safer internet day-KS1 assembly

In the KS1 assembly,we did a play about a penguin called Smartie!This was on Tuesday at 2:45.The story was about making the right choice. He picked the wrong choices and believed in the lies when he searched in the internet.He told his parents and it made him feel better.What would you do if a person told you to click on a link.



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