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My trip to the Gruffalo park

Am so excited to be going on my first school trip to the gruffalo park on Friday.

By Mark. RWA

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Year 2’s Easter Story

Yesterday we learnt about the Easter story. We learnt that Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey and people were waving Palm leaves. Everyone was excited about jesus’s  arrival.But the priests were jealous.Also someone called Judas betrayed Jesus by telling the soldiers where Jesus was. Then Jesus had supper with his disciples. It was called The Last Supper. Jesus went to a garden to pray but his disciples were asleep. When he finished he was cruficied. Three days later he was risen from the dead.

The End

by Lucas ,Kosi and Fabian

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A surprise arrival in Reception!

Two weeks ago a mysterious egg arrived in Reception.  The children have been very curious and have been trying to guess what might be inside.  We have watched and listened to the egg carefully and this week it began to crack!

Today we arrived to find a bog baby!


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World Book Day in Reception!

The Jolly Postman and friends came to visit Reception today for World Book Day!

Reception staff and children have had a wonderful time sharing stories and information about our characters.  We enjoyed welcoming Year 5 this afternoon to read to us.

Keep your eyes peeled for further photographs and posts!


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Foundation Stage Stay and Play

The children in reception and nursery enjoyed their time at the most recent stay and play. Children and their parents were able to look at their progress together and talk about what activities they had done whilst at school. We all had lots of fun!

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Stay and Play

A big thank you for all the parents and carers who attended the stay and play sessions.

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The Gruffalo

Reception had a lovely trip to Thorndon Park to find the Gruffalo!

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