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Science week 4C!!

During science week we had a super fun time while doing….


On the first day of science week we had African animals come to visit us.We had a extremely exciting assembly when we got introduced to the animals.We had a white hedgehog,2 snakes,a lizard,a chameleon and a baby meerkat.This animals were all rescued!


As one of our experiments we got a pack of skittles and we had to make a pattern in a bowl.I chose the colours purple,red and yellow.Then our teacher added water to them and the colour of the skittles came off and changed the water. (The red took over the other colours)

While we were creating patterns a group at a time went outside to feel the slime made out of cornflower.We had to punch the slime but it wasn’t gloopy.Then we had to pick it up and then roll it into a ball .Guess What as soon as we let it go it melted!

Detective Project

We had an excellent assembly and we met Loraine and Louise.They told us that there was a priceless Ming vase that was smashed .Our job was to find out who did had done it.Our 3 suspects were Mrs Hall; Mrs Crosby; Miss Howard.We learnt about fingerprints and how it could help us to figure out who smashed the vase.It turned out that it was a mistake Mrs Hall sneezed and accidentally hit he vase.


We got into groups and made our own classification key (questions to find out what it was) it was very fun!Then we swapped them to see if we could classify the sweets.


We went to the art room and worked with reception children. There were lots of different investigations to try.

By Millie,Ebony and Ewura

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Science week in 4c

In year 4 we have been learning about science because it was science week. The first thing we learnt was how to blow up a balloon using:pop rocks,mint mentos ,fizzy water,medicine,coke and lemonade.Firstly we used a funnel to to put the pop rocks into the balloon,we took the balloon off of the funnel and put it on the top of the bottle.After we tipped the pop rocks into the fizzy water,so it blew up the . We did the same experiment with mint mentos and coke and medicine with lemonade.

On Monday 22nd of may we went into the music room to see some animals. Firstly we saw a lizard.It was green it’s leg were ticklish and the lizard was quite short as well.Next we saw the snake. It even went around some of our neks. It was slime as well as soft and he was he was cold blooded. After we saw a hedgehog. We were not allowed to touch it because of its spikes on its back.Next we saw the meerkat. It even bit some of our fingers,plus we got to stroke it. It was very soft.we saw a millipede,it has 2 hundred legs.we saw some beetles they were black and they had six legs. Then we saw a comemelion and it was standing still and it was green and yellow.

On Tuesday the 23 of May we did an experiment and we had a plastic we chose 5 to 6 skittles and we put them in a pattern then we put water in the bowl and waited. After a few minutes the skittles were white and the colours from the skittles went to the bottom of the bowl

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On Monday 22nd May we were touching and holding animals from Africa.there was a baby meerkat which was really cute and fluffy it bit some of our fingers. There was also a chameleon which Victoria liked as well.Akosua and Konrad liked the meerkats most.

On Tuesday the 23rd may we did a few experiments.One is with skittles. You get a bowl,put the skittles in a pattern then add water and wait for five mins. When they were mixed together,Victoria had dark green,Konrad had red and Akosua had dark

On Wednesday 24th May we was pearing up with two reception children and we did different investigations in the art room. The first one Victoria and Jed did was extendible bunkers.Konrad, Hasani and Vinnie put a cup over the ear then pulling a string.Akosua and Sophie did masks where you had to mix the colours of the masks eyes and if you put all of them together they make dark purple and you can also see through them.

On Thursday 25th may we met two detectives who told us that there was an exebition and that someone had broken a priceless Ming vase. There were three suspects:Mrs Hall,Mrs Crosbie and Miss Howard. Victoria,Akosua and Konrad thought it was Mrs Hall. We did a workshop and found out it was Mrs Hall.mrs Hall broke it by accident and she didn’t take her hay fever tablets so she sneezed and the Ming vase broke.It was from eBay so it was cheap.

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Science in 4C

Monday 22 may 2017

On Monday we went to the music room to look at animals and we saw a huge gecko and a baby meerkat it was cute we also saw a really scary snake and a really spiky hedge hog.

Tuesday 24 may 2017

On Tuesday we did different experiments and we had to feel something that was solid and when you pour water then it turned into water.

Wednesday 24 may 2017

On Wednesday we got in pairs and we went to the art room and we helped reception children we did all kinds of experiments like we got a magnet and lots of coins and the magnet was pulling the coins.

Thursday 25 may 2017

On Thursday we did a exiting detective project we tried to solve the case of the broken vase we had solved the case but the vase was fake and it only cosed 10 pounds we really enjoyed it.

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Science week in 4C

This week it has been science week,we have done a number of scientific experiments including seeing and holding African animals in the music room like snakes(which most of the children put around their necks or touched them).One of the cutest animals there was a baby meerkat,unfortunately we did not allowed to hold him but we were allowed to stroke him and if you held out your finger he nibbled it that we got to see on Monday.

On Tuesday, year 4 went outside onto our school field to see that there was a large amount of experimental equipment including balloons,sparkling water,lemonade,popping candy and some medicine tablets.We used them to try and make the ballon blow up.It took us a long time but we finally managed to find a way to do it.We also did an experiment with skittles where we put 4-5 in a bowl in a pattern,whilst pouring water inside of the bowl. We then waited for the water to change colour of the skittles we used. We also did a liquorice classification key using questions about the liquorice we chose.

On Wednesday we went to the art room where the reception children were waiting for us. We got into partners and went with two partners in reception.We helped them with experiments.We did all sorts of different experiments such as dipping a ping-pong ball in water and getting a meatal stick and hitting the stick on the table and then we touch the stick to the ball and it made the ball bounce from vibration.

On Thursday we did the most exciting thing yet people from The Detective project we did a lot of exciting experiment such as finding finger prints.We helped find the culprit of smashing the Ming Vase.

It has been a very exciting week in Year 4.We hope you enjoyed!

By Love,Eleanor and Sophie 4C.

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Science week in 4C!

Our favourite part of science week was the animals. Our favourite animal was the meerkat because it was cute and furry.We also liked the broken vase investigation.We thought it was Mrs Hall and it was, but it was by accident.When you go to a crime scene you have to wear special clothes. You have to wear a white coat, special material shoes and gloves.And also a mask.We went to the year 1 and 2 blue area and we found Mrs Hall’s finger print on the glass that belong to Mrs Hall.

Also we put pop rocks in sparkling Water and lemonade to blow up a balloon. Some people helped in the project and some people took pictures. We also put mentoos in coke and tablets in the fizzy water and it exploded. We also made patterns with skittles in a bowl and added water.Then we played with something made of corn flour.It is solid and liquid.

By Uche, Aadam and Charlie

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Science Week in 4C

Today we are going to tell you what we done on science week!
Mikael liked the balloon going up with the lemonade and the pop rocks in it.
Brunthan liked the detective project when they came to St Edwards.
Mikael mostly liked when we did experiments in the art room when we used the light for looking at boxes and mirrors
Emmanuel liked the absorbing balls.Our teacher put some tiny balls in a cup and put water in it. It turned bigger during the day.
On the 23rd of May,everyone in the class got to touch oblek (slime)
We made the skittles change into different colours.

By Mikael, Brunthan and Emmanuel

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African Experiece animals in 4C

On Monday 22nd May 2017 we got to hold and stroke the lovely animals.There were hedgehogs,mercat,snakes,chameleon,lizard and bugs.(Daniella)My favourite was the little hedgehog and the cute baby mircat.(Angel)My favourite was the hedgehog and the meerkat (Sanaa)my favourite was the cool scaly snake.The cute little baby meerkat nibble us on the hand.We said a good bye to the cute animals and went back to class.

By Daniella, Angel, Sanaa

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Science exhibition

year 4

for the science exhibition, year 4 done the skittles experiment .                                               The skittles experiment is very simple :

  1. First ,they got a bowl with water in and and some skittles
  2.  Next , they they dropped the skittles into the Water a the same time
  3. After  they watched the skittle colours mix with the water
  4. Then, they recorded there results

then they had finished .

They had enjoyed it very much !


By Mckenzie 6G

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Science Exhibition-Year 1

My name is Harry and I have just been to the Science Exhibition.I focused on Year one.They worked on the tadpoles and cress(a kind of salad that you can eat).I also worked on other years like Year three and five.Year three worked about rockets and how to make there own rocket,while on the other hand,year five worked on lava lamps.My favourite part was year six because of the Non-Newtonian liquid.Here is a conversation I had with Mrs Crosbie:
Mrs Crosbie
Q.What was your favourite part of science week?
A.Doing the experiment with children.
Q.What was your favourite part of the exhibition?
A.Seeing the science entries
Q.What was your favourite part that you got to touch?
A.The magnifying glass with the tadpoles.
Q.What was your favourite part of the year groups?
A.The lava lamp.






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