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book fair

On June the 14th and 15th our school will be holding a book fair in our school hall. There are a huge range of books to choose from for all ages. it lasts from 3:30 until 4:00. Any more money raised will be spent on new books for the school.

by Kate and Alijah




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safer internet day asssembly

Hi I’m ysabelle and on the 6th of February ,we the digital leaders ,Alijah, Freya, Ashlyne and I, did an assembly .we spoke about how to stay safe online and how to react in the right way.In this assembly we spoke about some situation that people have been in.The children were really involved and we all hope that they took some information and used  it online.At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed the assembly or at least the teachers did,thank you for reading and there will be more on the st Edwards website.

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Safer Internet Day 2018 by Bethel Lawal-Champion

Hi, my name is Bethel and I’m going to tell you about the years 1 & 2 assemblies. On Tuesday 6th February, Michelle, Kate & I did an assembly about online safety. We started of by introducing ourselves to the young children. Then, we told them a story about three monsters ,Puff, Ness and Fizz, who had a problem that they needed to solve. In the story, Puff, Ness and Fizz had a class competition that they entered. Their entry was put onto their schools website; there was a mean comment by someone with the username Grim_100. We then proceeded to ask the year 1&2 children about what happened.

Overall, we had a really fun day and we hope to do it again


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Safer Internet Day 2018


This is Ashlyne, a digital leader. On the Wednesday 7th February, me, Alijah, Ysabelle and Freya held an assembly to teach year 5-6 about safety online. We explained situations that had happened online and year 5 and 6 decided if it was good, bad, or something that has not got a definite answer. We also talked about the ingredients to a happy social life. They had the opportunity to talk in a group about questions we had asked and also they told us some of their experiences and what they did online and who they spend the most with online. When I said, “ with your partner for 30 seconds..” the hall went very loud. At first I was scared but during our performance I got my confidence back. This happened to all of us actually!!

I enjoyed it very much and was happy when we were praised for our assembly. People came and complemented us for our assembly.

I had a great day

Written by Ashlyne

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safer internet day 2018 assembly

Hi my name is Amy and I am a digital leader,  you might know from the year 3 and 4 assembly with Matilda another digital leader .

This week we all celebrated safer internet day . So me and Matilda work on an assembly to explain a litttle bit about safer internet day. Then some people came up to me and explained about how they really enjoyed our assembly .

I really hope that our assembly help you to understand more about how to keep safe online.

by Amy

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Safer internet day 2018!

Hi, our names are Kate and Michelle and we are digital leaders and we are going to tell you about the assembly that we held in year 1-2. We were really exited to do this because it was our first time. We were talking alot about the report button if something goes wrong or if you don’t like it. We told them a story. This story was about three little monsters named: Puff, Ness and Fizz. These are some monsters who had a problem. There problem is that they have a class competition that is online and have to vote for the pictures that they had designed in class the previous day. Puff, Ness and Fizz found an unkind comment on there picture. This is a really bad comment from the username “Grim_100” the monsters done the responsible thing by telling their parents and their teacher in class the next day. I hope that they really enjoyed this because we did too.

  • By Kate and Michelle
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Safer Internet day 2018

In 6Z we have been learning about safer Internet day. First of all we split up in to pairs or groups of 3. Then we answered questions about a message which was an apology sent by a friend . There were 5 questions

The next thing we did was a sadness temperature . We wrote what would make people happy online at the bottom and sad at the top .  There was a happy face were we had to write the happy things and a sad face for the bad things


The last and final thing we did was a quiz! Safer Internet day was fun and I hope next year is just as fun!


Blog written by Shalom 6Z.

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Safer internet day 2018

Hello my name is Matilda,and I am a digital leader.

In S.T. Edwards C of E Primary School,we have been celebrating Safer Internet day 2018.

Classes have had assemblies and I had a PowerPoints to go with my script,I really enjoyed having a chance to be able to do an assembly.

Different classes have done activities, and enjoyed having time to think about internet safety and how to keep safe online.

I done my assembly with another digital leader called Amy,we had both practiced our assembly and had a great time trying out new things.

I hope I’ve helped the younger to older children online and hopefully they feel confident and happy online.



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Year 3&4 – 5&6 Athletics!

Years 3-6 competed in an athletics competition against all the schools in Havering. Years 3&4 competed on 30th and years 5&6 on the 29th. Both groups placed 2nd against 30+ schools which is a big achievement.

Digital leaders and students made a short news round video about the event, hope you enjoy it!

(Video is broken into 4 parts as it could not upload as 1 file)

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PGL-Zipwire Gerrard⚽️

PGL is very joyful place where you will go with your rest of your year group.At PGL we did  a activity called Zipwire.For zipwire we had to climb a tree.We had to wear a harness for safety.Before we climbed we had to squeeze the three Caribinas.Then we started climbing.You start of by climbing a ladder.Then you step and start crawling metal pins.Then you reach to the top and jump to reach a bar.

By Gerrard.

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