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PGL-Zipwire Gerrard⚽️

PGL is very joyful place where you will go with your rest of your year group.At PGL we did  a activity called Zipwire.For zipwire we had to climb a tree.We had to wear a harness for safety.Before we climbed we had to squeeze the three Caribinas.Then we started climbing.You start of by climbing a ladder.Then you step and start crawling metal pins.Then you reach to the top and jump to reach a bar.

By Gerrard.

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PGL – Trapeze

At PGL we did a activity called the trapeze,which was really scary,where we had to climb to the top of a pole and then stand on a platform.Which made the pole shake because I was really scared and I started shaking.And you had a choice to either sit down or stand up at first I sat down because I was really scared but we had enough time for  a second go which I was encouraged to stand up on platform which I did and because of that leader.

I would like to thank PGL for my amazing experience.

By Malcolm Balogun

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PGL by Charlie Moran(⚽️☕️)

PGL is an amazing time for year 6! My favourite thing about it was the survival course because i like things like that. We got to put up tents and make pegs by carving wood/sticks. The weather at PGL was amazingly good.We all climbed trees at play and lunchtime and that was really fun and addicting. The food there was great and extremely tasty☕️! The songs are so funny and exiting. The instructors were really kind and fun. My favourite instructor was a really funny man called Eric.

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The giant swing

This event was very terrific  as you were pulled by your teammates in the with a harness. A harness is a gear that helps you stay up if you fall.

After your pulled to a certain place,you pull a string and go flying in the air. It is like a swing but giant. At the end you’re left dangling above ground. The harnest gives you a wedgie.

The food was amazing  especially the brownies  and the chips .


Nadia Ayeni

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Last day of PGL

Everyone has now completed their final 2 activities and we are currently waiting for lunch. The children are sad to be leaving but are also looking forward to going home. They’re looking forward to spending time with their families and obviously, many of them cannot wait to be reunited with with their phones, hairdryers and computer consoles!

We will see you back at St Edward’s in a few hours

From everyone at PGL

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PGL 2016

Hi everyone,

We’re sorry that we haven’t been able to update you sooner but we have had some technical difficulties.

The journey here was lovely and the children were wonderfully behaved. By bedtime, some children had already conquered their fears! Some of the activities we have experienced so far are: fencing, raft building and lots of activities that involved children reaching new heights-literally. We are really amazed by how brave some children are being and we’re very proud of them. We have also discovered that some of the boys have a fear of moths.

The children are coping with the early starts and we think this is because they’re looking forward to breakfast. As expected, the children are loving the food. I’ve had children asking me how long until lunch (at 9.30 am). There is always a countdown to meal times!

Overall, the children are developing their listening skills, teamwork skills and most importantly, they are enjoying themselves. We’re half way through the trip now and are looking forward to the next few days.

We will try our best to update you tomorrow.

From us all here at PGL.

P.S. The weather has been very kind to us

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Year 6 SATS

Year 6 have now completed all their SATS tests. They have all worked very hard throughout the year. Well done year 6 – we are very proud of you!

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