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Year 5 Public Speech competition!

 Year 5 was invited to a Public speech competition, competing against 5 other schools. They had to answer the question “Why is the rain forest important?”

 5 Students competed in this competitions and did very well, they also had the opportunity to meet the mayor!



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Year 3&4 – 5&6 Athletics!

Years 3-6 competed in an athletics competition against all the schools in Havering. Years 3&4 competed on 30th and years 5&6 on the 29th. Both groups placed 2nd against 30+ schools which is a big achievement.

Digital leaders and students made a short news round video about the event, hope you enjoy it!

(Video is broken into 4 parts as it could not upload as 1 file)

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Poems by 5JP

5JP are really proud of their book of poems. They enjoyed creating and sharing them in class this week.

best one

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Lego Education

5JP have enjoyed making motorised machines/vehicles today.

FullSizeRender (1)  FullSizeRender (3) FullSizeRender IMG_0805 IMG_0807 IMG_0813    IMG_0821       IMG_0820

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Look at these fantastic gift bags. Excellent job 5JP!

gift bags

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More fun at Wembley Stadium

What a fantastic day!



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Wembley Stadium Year 5

On Wednesday we visited Wembley Stadium! When we arrived, we were given a talk about Wembley Stadium and we found out lots of exciting facts. After that, we were put into little groups and in those groups we were instructed to make a cake design, then they gave us some yummy lunch, we had fish and chips and it was really tasty! As we got closer to the end of this amazing trip, we got a tour around the whole of Wembley stadium and we even got to stand in their gigantic fridge freezer. In conclusion, we all enjoyed our day at Wembley Stadium.


IMG_2830 IMG_2840






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Designing, building and testing a raft (5JP)

Year 5 have been reading the book A Boy and a Bear in a Boat.

5JP have really enjoyed designing and building a raft to meet the needs of the boy and the bear. In their groups, the children had to select the best materials to build a raft, adding special features making each one unique.

Every raft floated successfully!


IMG_0530 IMG_0528 IMG_0525 IMG_0524 IMG_0521 IMG_0517 IMG_0515


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Science week in 5C

Thursday 25th May 2017

This week in school we have enjoyed a range of exciting activities. In the classroom, we have conducted many experiments such as; the ‘Floating Paper Clip’ experiment, ‘Rainbow Skittles’ experiment, the ‘Walking Water’ experiment and the ‘Balloon Rocket’ experiment.

On Monday we were lucky enough to see a number of African animals in school (e.g. snakes, a chameleonand a meerkat).

Additionally, we researched a number of scientists who have changed the world of science!

We hope you enjoy looking at some of our pictures below!


IMG_0549  IMG_0556 IMG_0557 IMG_0563 IMG_0570 IMG_0572 IMG_0574 IMG_0576 IMG_0578 IMG_0581 IMG_0582 IMG_0584 IMG_0588 IMG_0595 IMG_0618 IMG_0619  IMG_0621 IMG_0624 IMG_0625 IMG_0626 IMG_0627 IMG_0628 IMG_0629 IMG_0630 IMG_0615 IMG_0616 IMG_0617 IMG_0632 IMG_0633 IMG_0634




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Year 5 CSI trip!

Recently, Year 5 went to Barking and Dagenham College to take part in a Crime Scene Investigation. Our trip was based at their STEM Centre and this stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

Blood spatter

During our time at the college, we were shown a range of blood spatters and informed of how much information you can get from the different spatters. We learnt about high velocity and low velocity and how they were injured and how tall the person is.


After lunch, we were shown three hand built cars one of which was driven by a Formula One racing driver.

We got to sit in all 3 cars and had to get out in under 5 seconds. They all had deep seats and it felt really weird.


In E-Fits we had to make the suspects face using the information that we had, for example the person had curly brown hair and almond shaped eyes. We got to make our own suspects and we really enjoyed this activity.


We learnt how to take an imprint of our fingerprint and were taught how to analyse each print. We then used this skill to find the culprit.


Kiyane, Jeffrey, Ameya and Bethel.


IMG_0475 IMG_0457 IMG_0460 IMG_0463 IMG_0470 IMG_0504

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