Year 5 Public Speech competition!

 Year 5 was invited to a Public speech competition, competing against 5 other schools. They had to answer the question “Why is the rain forest important?”

 5 Students competed in this competitions and did very well, they also had the opportunity to meet the mayor!



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Shining Stars – 9th March 2018

DSC08678 DSC08676 DSC08674 DSC08670 DSC08664 DSC08662

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6Z are looking fantastic in their World Book Day costumes.

Blog 2

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Year 3 Love World Book Day!

St Edward’s has been celebrating a belated World Book Day with a visit from Tolu who showed us his new book, The Frog and his Dancing Shoes, and performed it for us.


Year 3 have been sharing their favourite books and characters with each other, talking about what makes a good book, and designing some of our own.

trailer2_dance412 IMG_1316

Year 3 staff dressed as trolls.


Let us know what your favourite books are!

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Shining Stars – 23rd February 2018

DSC08621 DSC08623 DSC08625 DSC08629 DSC08633 DSC08631

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The mystery book in Year 2

On Tuesday 20th February 2018 year 2 started a new book in literacy. We don’t know what it’s called yet.

We only know that “Noi lives with his dad and six cats by the sea”.

His dad goes fishing and leaves Noi at home alone. But he is used to it.

We had to draw a picture about what we thought Noi and his dad looked  like.

We loved everyone’s pictures they were all different.

Next week we will find out the title of the story. WE CAN’T WAIT!

Amelia and Emily 2H

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Shining Stars – 8th February 2018

DSC08548 DSC08556 DSC08552 DSC08546

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Shining Stars – 2nd February

DSC08537 DSC08529 DSC08531 DSC08535 DSC08527 - Copy

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safer internet day asssembly

Hi I’m ysabelle and on the 6th of February ,we the digital leaders ,Alijah, Freya, Ashlyne and I, did an assembly .we spoke about how to stay safe online and how to react in the right way.In this assembly we spoke about some situation that people have been in.The children were really involved and we all hope that they took some information and used  it online.At the end of the day, everyone enjoyed the assembly or at least the teachers did,thank you for reading and there will be more on the st Edwards website.

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Safer Internet Day 2018 by Bethel Lawal-Champion

Hi, my name is Bethel and I’m going to tell you about the years 1 & 2 assemblies. On Tuesday 6th February, Michelle, Kate & I did an assembly about online safety. We started of by introducing ourselves to the young children. Then, we told them a story about three monsters ,Puff, Ness and Fizz, who had a problem that they needed to solve. In the story, Puff, Ness and Fizz had a class competition that they entered. Their entry was put onto their schools website; there was a mean comment by someone with the username Grim_100. We then proceeded to ask the year 1&2 children about what happened.

Overall, we had a really fun day and we hope to do it again


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