Human Digestive system.

In year 4 we are learning all about how our bodies work to digest food we eat.

We have had great fun watching clips on how the food we eat travels through our digestive system, whilst also doing some interesting activities to put our knowledge to the test.


A interactive board helps us to identify the key parts of the body whilst letting us scan a code and watch a few short clips of what the Digestive system does.

Mrs Richmond

Our Interactive display board.

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The Roll of Honour

The Autumn term at St Edward’s has come to an end! Over the last four months, many, many children have created some fantastic pieces of work and represented themselves and their school to the best of their ability. We’re really proud of each and every one of them and we’re anticipating even greater things in the terms to come.

We would like to honour the achievements of some of the pupils who have covered themselves in glory at different points this term.


At the end of the week, each teacher chooses two children who have worked their hardest, performed beyond expectations and generally been a shining star.


We have also seen people working fantastically hard to improve their handwriting, making their work look more beautiful than ever. It’s been really gratifying to see such hard work and determination to improve; in recognition of this, here are the people who have earned their Pen Licences. Keep it up!


One of the highest honours is the weekly recognition of one pupil from each year group who has gone above and beyond the call of duty to improve their writing. Not only have they met the success criteria for a piece of work – they have done it with flair, panache and a swaggering, flamboyant vocabulary that has delighted their target audience: their teacher.


Finally, entering the pantheon of greatness are those who have reached the highest echelons of achievement by obtaining the Gold Award. This is given for a level of meritorious, valorous, phenomenal behaviour beyond the expected standard. These children have met every challenge whole-heartedly and demonstrated the core values of our school in ways that we are incredibly proud of.

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Supernatural Occurance at Local School

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Chess Club

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Creative Writing Club

We are pleased to announce the genesis of the St Edwards Creative Writing Club! On Tuesday evenings, Miss Smith and Mr Groome are giving a group of Year 6 pupils the chance to express themselves creatively in different styles and genres of writing.

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Sports of the year part 4

This documentary is based on every single juicy detail about swimming.

We have been spending every second perfecting every detail possible for our upcoming one and only swimming Gala. We have all decided that this is all because of our wonderful coach Mrs Sales.we,ve learnt so much and we,ll hopefully learn so  more in

This has been a lovely opportunity and hopefully you have enjoyed it.

From Audrey Sharon and Estelle.

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A exciting new beginning: way home

Hey guys,we’re here to tell you about our new book;Way home! It is about an boy and he goes to a secret hideout and he meets a black and white cat!!! They match so much,it’s like Shane was meant to find him;Aww! We don’t know all about the book but;there was a shadow following that boy and it is not his!!! We’re positive that Shane is running away,and I personally believe he’s running to save his mother!!! But he is very tired running for his great destiny!!!

Thank you for reading:Megan and Joella

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Year 5/6 activities 4

This week we have found out the football team and athletics squad also they are still picking the A team and the B team for tag rugby. I wonder who will get in?

They have picked the players for the football team including one of our classmates SimeonS. Other then that they have also picked the athletics squad these are two people who got in Luke and Simeon B. 

This is sadly going to be our last blog for this halfterm.BYE

Isabel, SimeonB and SimeonS

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Mathmations:revision time!

Hi today we are not going to teach…

In fact we are going to revise to see if you understood how to do all the different types of maths!

.Rounding     What is 676 rounded to the nearest hundred?

.Roman numerals   What is MMCLXXII? This might be hard but remember M is 1000,is 100 X is 10 I is 1 .

.Fractions    What is 3 fifths of 25? Again this is hard so you do 5 divided by 25 which is 5 then you times the numerator to five .

.Multistep addition and subtraction    There was 234 sweets for sell 10 were bought by Jane she returned 4 of them how many are left in the shop?          So you do 234 -10=? Then you do add 4 and you get your answer.

We will teach you a bit of percentages

If your have 9 over 10 you have to add a 0 on both of the numbers you will have 90 over 100 the percentage is 90%  we will teach you more after half term .

Children should try and work these out and parents should test and help them .Signing out till next time bye;).


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The basketball team

Welcome back to the squid to the basketball team!we have a fine team nearly every 2 years we get new balls more pumped and bouncy but more harder to score with .basketball is not the only sport we have we’ve also got tag rugby ,football ,cricket,swimming and hockey you will find out more later.

Some of our schools favourite sports are football,basketball,tag rugby and other more. We’ve got good players at every sport including me and my classmates and people in year 3 4 5 and 6 the basketballs are bouncy but what about the footballs … they aren’t so pumped like the basketballs year 5 go in the basketball court on a Tuesday we have swimming on Wednesday also on the field on Wednesday tag rugby on a Thursday and on a Monday we have indoor pe and that’s enough for today.

From Samuel and Gabriel


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