Supernatural Occurance at Local School

Over the last two weeks, we have been looking at some different topics relating to school. Our creative writers watched the music video for “Titanium” by David Guetta. The video follows the frantic flight of a boy who wakes up in a school, uncertain of what has happened in the last few moments. However, it it clear that some sort of disaster has befallen the school, and that he may be responsible for it.

Our writers took on the challenge of writing about the confused, panicking teenager, who is pursued by government authorities and wants only to get away without harming anyone. However, he may not have a choice…

I storm out of the class and run to the toilet. My body starts to shake. Lightning bolts flash from my hands. I break the door down with my bare hand. I head out of the toilet and grab a locker, flinging it across the hallway.

I scatter paper across the floor. My body starts to surge with rage. I create a bright light and darkness falls over my eyes. I wake up to a shambles. I get up from my deep adventure and wonder: was this me?

I run out of the school an get on my bike and ride towards my home. I get home and run towards my room. I hid in my wardrobe. The police enter my room. As they open my wardrobe, my powers come back to me…


Another issue of huge importance was examined last week: Where is Mr Groome? Was he on a training course? Was he on jury service? Was he ill? Had he been abducted by aliens? Here are a few of the ideas that we came up with.

Mr Groome was taken into a tunnel. It was an illusory tunnel which quickly zapped him into space. As fast as a lightning bolt, he got zapped into Egypt. He started sweating. Palm trees groaned on the ground. All of a sudden, he was zapped into Antarctica. The cries of penguins echoed through the land as once again Mr Groome was zapped through, but this time on a boat, at night, alone…


According to Miss Smith, Mr Groome is on a course but when we went to the room where the course is taking place, he wasn’t there! At first, we wondered if Miss Smith was fibbing about Mr Groome being on a training course but that was before we saw some oozy goo on the floor right by Mr Groome’s shoes. Next to the room where the course was taking place was a science lab. We all sprinted to the science room even though it is right by the training course room. We didn’t want to waste any time. We put together a potion to help us work out what the goo was. Puff! Whoosh! Bang! Then we knew what the goo was! Alien slobber! Legend has it that alien slobber on only found when there is an alien raid. It was only at that breathtaking point when we realised where Mr Groome was… The aliens took him away!

At first, we didn’t know what to do, but then we just decided to wait a while and go look for him if he didn’t come back within ten minutes. Funnily enough, after seven minutes Mr Groome surprised us all by walking in through the innovation room where Creative Writing Club was taking place. We asked Mr Groome where he had been. He said the aliens captured him but let him go because apparently he wasn’t any use to them. So we were right after all! CREATIVE KIDS STRIKE AGAIN!


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