Chess Club

This week, we Chess Club got underway. Around 40 pupils from Year 5 and Year 6 attended the inaugural meeting in the Music Room. We looked at the basics of how to move pieces, and then set about playing some quick games. Chess is a fantastic, competitive game of strategic skill and tactical thinking. Over the coming weeks, we are going to be teaching club members:

  1. The fundamentals of chess – the simple moves that each piece can make as well as more technical aspects like castling and en passant.
  2. How to plan ahead for the destruction of their opponent by examining different possibilities and avenues of attack.
  3. How to see a trap that their opponent has made and either avoid it or march in anyway with a plan of their own.
  4. Different openings that suit different play-styles for both White and Black.
  5. How to win and lose gracefully (Mr Groome hopes to learn that part as well).

We will be keeping the blog updated with information about competitions, matches, teaching points and anything else we learn. For now, we’re looking forward to our next session.


Mrs Macdonald and Mr Groome



  1. e4, d5
  2. exd5

What does this mean?

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