Creative Writing Club

We are pleased to announce the genesis of the St Edwards Creative Writing Club! On Tuesday evenings, Miss Smith and Mr Groome are giving a group of Year 6 pupils the chance to express themselves creatively in different styles and genres of writing.

We began by coming up with creative answers to some starter questions:

  • Who is sneaking out of the back door?
  • What are they carrying?
  • Where are they going?

After sharing some ideas, we got into gear writing the opening to a story that answered those questions.

Each week, we are going to be sharing a couple of (in our opinions) the most engaging pieces of writing. Here are two from this week:

Professor Robert Duds and Dr Gemma Smith were sitting in their offices when a man stormed in.
“Professor Duds, Dr Smith! Hurry and get to the vault.”
Professor Duds looked at Dr Smith. “You don’t think it could be…” He trailed off, but his eyes were filled with concern.
“We don’t know if they escaped,” she whispered, but both of them knew their special ‘patients’ would escape (or at least try to) whenever they had the opportunity.
A few seconds later, they were at the vault and things were worse than they thought. While Professor Dud shouted at the security guard, Dr Smith studied the hole that had been blown in the vault door. Suddenly, something caught her eyes.
“You had one job and you failed!” Professor Duds shouted.
Dr Smith looked up. “They had help,” she declared as she stood up.
Professor Duds stopped shouting. “They what?” he asked.
The security man backed away.
“The patients had help,” Dr Smith repeated.
“Who helped them?” Professor Duds asked.
Dr Smith held something in her hand. “I know exactly who,” she muttered as she walked away.

One day, whilst the great war of the realms was at the heat of the middle, there was a break-in at Princess Lia’s castle. The palace guards were going mad. It was total pandemonium. Drogoz the Dragon Thief, heir to the throne as son of the cruel queen, took this opportunity to sneak out of the back gates. As a front line soldier for the Russian allies, he should have been fighting, but thievery was in his blood. Taking most of the palace’s gold, he headed for the ice mines. Drogoz took the trip on his mechanical wings. He was born with a rare disorder that removed his wings before he left the egg.
Meanwhile, in the ice mines, Ethan was shooting rocks with his blaster. His teacher, Jenos the great genie, had left him.

We thought that both of these represented really interesting openings to a story that we’d have liked to read. We hope that you agree, and we look forward to our next task on Tuesday.

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