Mathmations:revision time!

Hi today we are not going to teach…

In fact we are going to revise to see if you understood how to do all the different types of maths!

.Rounding     What is 676 rounded to the nearest hundred?

.Roman numerals   What is MMCLXXII? This might be hard but remember M is 1000,is 100 X is 10 I is 1 .

.Fractions    What is 3 fifths of 25? Again this is hard so you do 5 divided by 25 which is 5 then you times the numerator to five .

.Multistep addition and subtraction    There was 234 sweets for sell 10 were bought by Jane she returned 4 of them how many are left in the shop?          So you do 234 -10=? Then you do add 4 and you get your answer.

We will teach you a bit of percentages

If your have 9 over 10 you have to add a 0 on both of the numbers you will have 90 over 100 the percentage is 90%  we will teach you more after half term .

Children should try and work these out and parents should test and help them .Signing out till next time bye;).


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