Year 5 playground review!!!

IN year 5 we have a playground where  we play fun games.We also have a field were we play a fun game called tag rugby.We have a good time playing this game and we have some wonderful teams there

is red team blue team yellow team and green team this is one of the best team game ever that year 5 has ever played. On the playground we have a basketball court sometimes we play it at lunch time also at breakfast club in the morning the dinner ladies run that.We sometimes get to play football on the field only at lunchtime because at play time we just run around but it is still super fun.We also have a climbing wall and a obstacle course with swings and ropes that you swing on and let me tell you it is fun. If you play it with a good friend or a sister if you have them but if you don’t like I said just play with a friend. I hope you liked this. Hope you come soon bye. From Demi and  Joshua

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