Safer Internet Day 2018


This is Ashlyne, a digital leader. On the Wednesday 7th February, me, Alijah, Ysabelle and Freya held an assembly to teach year 5-6 about safety online. We explained situations that had happened online and year 5 and 6 decided if it was good, bad, or something that has not got a definite answer. We also talked about the ingredients to a happy social life. They had the opportunity to talk in a group about questions we had asked and also they told us some of their experiences and what they did online and who they spend the most with online. When I said, “ with your partner for 30 seconds..” the hall went very loud. At first I was scared but during our performance I got my confidence back. This happened to all of us actually!!

I enjoyed it very much and was happy when we were praised for our assembly. People came and complemented us for our assembly.

I had a great day

Written by Ashlyne

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