Year 2’s Christmas Biscuits

We made Christmas Tree biscuits on Monday in our classes. We followed a recipe to help us make them. We all had a go at mixing the mixture and some people put the ingredients into a bowl. Once it was all mixed in, we rolled it into a ball and used a rolling pin to flatten it. We then cut out the Christmas Tree shapes for each of us to be able to eat later on. We put them in the oven and waited for them to cook.

The next day we decorated them with icing and with lots of different sweets. Once we decorated them, we ate them. They were delicious and yummy. Imogen’s favourite part was eating her biscuit topped with strawberry laces, chocolate drops and marshmallows. Charlotte’s favourite part was making the biscuits and rolling out the dough. We made these biscuits just like the elves did in our story ‘Santa’s Secret Island’.

From 2P

Here are some pictures to show you our cooking experience:

IMG_2281   IMG_2363IMG_2386   IMG_2391

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