Science week 4C!!

During science week we had a super fun time while doing….


On the first day of science week we had African animals come to visit us.We had a extremely exciting assembly when we got introduced to the animals.We had a white hedgehog,2 snakes,a lizard,a chameleon and a baby meerkat.This animals were all rescued!


As one of our experiments we got a pack of skittles and we had to make a pattern in a bowl.I chose the colours purple,red and yellow.Then our teacher added water to them and the colour of the skittles came off and changed the water. (The red took over the other colours)

While we were creating patterns a group at a time went outside to feel the slime made out of cornflower.We had to punch the slime but it wasn’t gloopy.Then we had to pick it up and then roll it into a ball .Guess What as soon as we let it go it melted!

Detective Project

We had an excellent assembly and we met Loraine and Louise.They told us that there was a priceless Ming vase that was smashed .Our job was to find out who did had done it.Our 3 suspects were Mrs Hall; Mrs Crosby; Miss Howard.We learnt about fingerprints and how it could help us to figure out who smashed the vase.It turned out that it was a mistake Mrs Hall sneezed and accidentally hit he vase.


We got into groups and made our own classification key (questions to find out what it was) it was very fun!Then we swapped them to see if we could classify the sweets.


We went to the art room and worked with reception children. There were lots of different investigations to try.

By Millie,Ebony and Ewura

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