On Monday 22nd May we were touching and holding animals from Africa.there was a baby meerkat which was really cute and fluffy it bit some of our fingers. There was also a chameleon which Victoria liked as well.Akosua and Konrad liked the meerkats most.

On Tuesday the 23rd may we did a few experiments.One is with skittles. You get a bowl,put the skittles in a pattern then add water and wait for five mins. When they were mixed together,Victoria had dark green,Konrad had red and Akosua had dark

On Wednesday 24th May we was pearing up with two reception children and we did different investigations in the art room. The first one Victoria and Jed did was extendible bunkers.Konrad, Hasani and Vinnie put a cup over the ear then pulling a string.Akosua and Sophie did masks where you had to mix the colours of the masks eyes and if you put all of them together they make dark purple and you can also see through them.

On Thursday 25th may we met two detectives who told us that there was an exebition and that someone had broken a priceless Ming vase. There were three suspects:Mrs Hall,Mrs Crosbie and Miss Howard. Victoria,Akosua and Konrad thought it was Mrs Hall. We did a workshop and found out it was Mrs Hall.mrs Hall broke it by accident and she didn’t take her hay fever tablets so she sneezed and the Ming vase broke.It was from eBay so it was cheap.

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