Science in 4C

Monday 22 may 2017

On Monday we went to the music room to look at animals and we saw a huge gecko and a baby meerkat it was cute we also saw a really scary snake and a really spiky hedge hog.

Tuesday 24 may 2017

On Tuesday we did different experiments and we had to feel something that was solid and when you pour water then it turned into water.

Wednesday 24 may 2017

On Wednesday we got in pairs and we went to the art room and we helped reception children we did all kinds of experiments like we got a magnet and lots of coins and the magnet was pulling the coins.

Thursday 25 may 2017

On Thursday we did a exiting detective project we tried to solve the case of the broken vase we had solved the case but the vase was fake and it only cosed 10 pounds we really enjoyed it.

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