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Sports of the year part 4

This documentary is based on every single juicy detail about swimming.

We have been spending every second perfecting every detail possible for our upcoming one and only swimming Gala. We have all decided that this is all because of our wonderful coach Mrs Sales.we,ve learnt so much and we,ll hopefully learn so  more in

This has been a lovely opportunity and hopefully you have enjoyed it.

From Audrey Sharon and Estelle.

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A exciting new beginning: way home

Hey guys,we’re here to tell you about our new book;Way home! It is about an boy and he goes to a secret hideout and he meets a black and white cat!!! They match so much,it’s like Shane was meant to find him;Aww! We don’t know all about the book but;there was a shadow following that boy and it is not his!!! We’re positive that Shane is running away,and I personally believe he’s running to save his mother!!! But he is very tired running for his great destiny!!!

Thank you for reading:Megan and Joella

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Year 5/6 activities 4

This week we have found out the football team and athletics squad also they are still picking the A team and the B team for tag rugby. I wonder who will get in?

They have picked the players for the football team including one of our classmates SimeonS. Other then that they have also picked the athletics squad these are two people who got in Luke and Simeon B. 

This is sadly going to be our last blog for this halfterm.BYE

Isabel, SimeonB and SimeonS

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Mathmations:revision time!

Hi today we are not going to teach…

In fact we are going to revise to see if you understood how to do all the different types of maths!

.Rounding     What is 676 rounded to the nearest hundred?

.Roman numerals   What is MMCLXXII? This might be hard but remember M is 1000,is 100 X is 10 I is 1 .

.Fractions    What is 3 fifths of 25? Again this is hard so you do 5 divided by 25 which is 5 then you times the numerator to five .

.Multistep addition and subtraction    There was 234 sweets for sell 10 were bought by Jane she returned 4 of them how many are left in the shop?          So you do 234 -10=? Then you do add 4 and you get your answer.

We will teach you a bit of percentages

If your have 9 over 10 you have to add a 0 on both of the numbers you will have 90 over 100 the percentage is 90%  we will teach you more after half term .

Children should try and work these out and parents should test and help them .Signing out till next time bye;).


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The basketball team

Welcome back to the squid to the basketball team!we have a fine team nearly every 2 years we get new balls more pumped and bouncy but more harder to score with .basketball is not the only sport we have we’ve also got tag rugby ,football ,cricket,swimming and hockey you will find out more later.

Some of our schools favourite sports are football,basketball,tag rugby and other more. We’ve got good players at every sport including me and my classmates and people in year 3 4 5 and 6 the basketballs are bouncy but what about the footballs … they aren’t so pumped like the basketballs year 5 go in the basketball court on a Tuesday we have swimming on Wednesday also on the field on Wednesday tag rugby on a Thursday and on a Monday we have indoor pe and that’s enough for today.

From Samuel and Gabriel


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Year five playground last update !!!!

Hello today we are going to do are last playground review hopefully not. So there is new play equipment. The tub string walking things hula hoops and skipping ropes. Yesterday Was the last day of tag rugby but don’t worry because after half term we are going to start hockey and that will be really fun but we did have a lot of  fun playing this game and it’s a great opportunity to do something like this and we are still happy to go and have a new fun game to play here at st Edward school.

This has been really fun to do this blog for you and it is a great opportunity to do this and hope to talk to you again and that is the last of our review hope you injoyed our playground review bye guys

from Demi and Joshua!



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Sadly this week was our last week doing Tag Rugby with Scott except  from the Tag Rugby team and then we do Hockey with Mr Maulby.

We wish to do this again as it was very fun this week was very fun. We played rounders but with a twist. Insted  of using a bat we used our foot an to hit the ball as far as we could.We had two goes at batting which was getting the ball from Scott and drop kicking it. Then we had two goes at being fielders. In the end the score was 30 to Simeon’s team and 31 to Brendon’s team.

So this is the end of our blog we hope you liked reading it.


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last update on assemblies

Welcome back to our last post of the year.We are very  sad  that  it  is are  last blog. Now we are  going to tell you about the 5/6 assemblies on a Wednesday  this is a great opportunity of spending some time together so what we do is we learn we pray and we worship our God and learn  from his mistakes.

We  sing  hymns  my light house  and we  enjoy  singing them.

thank you for listening and supporting us this term we really appreciate what you and everyone has done for us we will really miss you

Luke and Olivia

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Music blog update 3 !

Hi music fans, in today’s blog we will be giving you our last update on music! In choir we have been learning how to sing in harmony.We got into two different groups and one group sang the lower part and the other group sang the higher part.We love being in choir and singing  together and you will to if you come to.

The people playing instruments still really enjoy it and have lots of fun!Some instruments that we play are modern and some are rock and roll!The people that play the fun instruments ,enjoy earning great certificates and new harder books  by completing grades and challenges.

Goodbye music fans, we will miss blogging with you!

by,Zara,Isabella and Lucy


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Everything Edward last update

Welcome back again,we will be telling you about our hymn practice but sadly this will be our last blog.

We are still working on my lighthouse to sing at church. We are starting to sing our  new songs like teach me to dance and my Jesus my saviour and most importantly my lighthouse This song is loved throughout the school but some of us get carried away with it because it’s our favourite.

With a new Headmistress, the church service(on Tuesday 16 October) was different but we got there in the end. Thank you for reading sighning of for the last time Samson,Toni and Eve

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