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sports of the year part 3

We hope that you  have enjoyed sports of the year part 1 and 2 so  we decided to create part 3.

We  have started  football for both girls and  boys with our loyal coach Mr Hall and many  other enjoyable sports.                                                We have treasured these memories and will never forget them. Here are some of our most enjoyable sports:Football,Hockey,Cricket,Rugby and gymnastics.

We have just started playing football and there are already bright ideas for the future.We are looking forward to this

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Swimming pool 3.0

We are now on our 3rd blog about St Edwards swimming pool and it has been a few weeks since our first lesson but it still feels new.

The chaging rooms have new showers  in them! People may not use it often but there is a handy little water fountain, to drink from if you’ve just finished swimming . They are going to make new floorboards in the swimming pool.We have 2 Minits of play time.

Quincy ,Floria and Samuel R




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Update2 on sports

Welcome back on sports we have had an exciting time! Including tag rugby with games like catch the flag.

We have just had our fifth lesson and one more to go. So it will be are last turn.We will be sad to leave are rugby teacher.

se you later

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Hello guys we’re back with another blog, today we’re going to get you up to date.

Week we played capture the flag but the TAG RUGBY version with Scott.So we were placed in two teams red and blue we’re together then yellow and greenwere placed together.We had to  capture the other teams 3 balls as soon as we got six balls we won the game.Also if  you got tagged you needed to go to the box which we called the prison and we had to wait to be freed by our teammate.

We love tag rugby and would love to do another blog soon



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5/6 activity’s update 3…

Welcome back to year 5/6 activity’s update 3. We hope you enjoy our posts!

*Tag rugby

*Football tryout sessions

Tag rugby

It is getting closer to the tournament.In three weeks the tag rugby team go to the tournament and play against different schools in havering.

Football tryouts

Mr.Hall is still trying to pick the team.At lunchtime girls played a match and boys played a match it was really fun and had to try our best and I bet everyone did.


Simeon.s  Simeon.b and isabel














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Music Cachup

Welcome back music fans we are here to give you an update            on the music blog.In choir we are learning a new song called Happy Day!Through out the time we’ve been in choir we have  enjoyed learning lots of different songs!

Piano is doing even more challenging  songs every week so that they can inspire more people to play the piano and other instruments to.So far lots of people have finished there grades and are so excited to carry on the fun! There are still people who want to start playing instruments and have a tough time choosing what to play. Like piano, violin,guitar and the flute and there are so much more to learn.

Thank you for reading our music blog.By Isabella Zara and Lucy.


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Amazing crash to Siberia !!!

Hi everyone today what we would like to talk about is the third series of COSMIC!!!Guess what,thankfully Liam got the children but,when they crashed nearly got eaten by WOLVES!!! But Florida was fed up with being the wolves chew toy, so she slammed the door on the Beasts.

Liam’s mum and dad managed to get to them but ,there phones and pictures in Siberia were confiscated by Dr Drax.

Thanks for reading our blog!

by Megan and Joella

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Awsome Assemblies

Welcome back to our best assemblies we hope you enjoy our Monday.

.We light the assembly candle

. We worship God and Jesus and follow his words

.we read a paragraph  from the bible

.Then we sing a hymn

.On Friday we have fun assemblies because my favourite teacher does it.On Friday we light the candle share our work do the shinning stars then, we  do writer of the week then we do pen licences then house points then we blow the candle out.


Olivia and Luke

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Playground review part 2!!!

Hi here is  our new playground review  part two where we tell you about the playground and the new equipment. There are new balls for the basketball court and a field but first let me tell you about the people who help out inside of  the basketball court sometimes the kids help out but mostly the ones that are older like the dinner lady’s thay only help out at lunch time bacause that is the only time we get to do basketball except pe time.

there are new balls





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Fun maths:)!

Hey mathmations are back and we are teaching you how to round to check your answers .



what is 142+523=

If your not sure then you round your numbers to the nearest 100 and then add it together .142 rounded to the nearest hundred is 100 and then 523 rounded to the nearest hundred is 500 then  you add them together.

add 100 and 500 together which is 600     Then add 142 and 523 together and it’s 665 because it’s close together you then know it’s correct.

Thats it today from the mathmations signing out till next time bye for now;).



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