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Christmas Cards for Kenya!

This afternoon Year 2 had a great time making Christmas Cards for children in our link school, Kanyuambora Primary School, in Kenya.

The children have explained how they celebrate Christmas and what they do in preparation for the special time of year.

The cards look look fantastic and will be posted to Kenya next week.


Processed with MOLDIV

Processed with MOLDIV

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2P’s Literacy’s Lesson

On Tuesday we started a book called “The Secret of Santa’s Island”. We were trying to guess what Santa’s island would look like. As a whole class, we drew a big picture of what we thought would be in his island. we drew reindeer’s playing on the beach, elves relaxing and listening to music and someone drew Santa lying on the sunny, hot beach. We had a lot of fun drawing our class picture. Poppy’s favourite part was drawing Rudolf having a nap. Jensen’s favourite part was drawing the different palm trees and decorating them.

Here are some photos to show our class drawing the picture.

IMG_0613 IMG_0619


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Stars of the Week – 17th November 2017

DSC08051 DSC08053 DSC08057 DSC08063 DSC08061 DSC08059

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2H’s exciting cinema trip

On Tuesday 14th November 2H and all of Year 2 went to the cinema in Romford. We were lucky enough to watch The Emoji movie. Other schools were there too. We really enjoyed the film. Aayra thought the film was “really exciting,” and Thomas said “the film made us all laugh because it was really funny.” When we got back to school we wrote about our favourite emoji. 2H gave the film 5 stars!!

2H 🙂

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2P’s Trip to the Cinema!

On Tuesday, we went to the cinema with the other Year 2 classes.

We walked from school to the Brewery to watch the Emoji Movie. We walked quietly in to the cinema as the movie was starting. We ate our raisins and started to watch the film. We really enjoyed the movie. Our favourite parts was when Gene was trying to guess the password for the firewall. We also liked the ending when all the emoji’s were doing the Emoji Pop as well as when jailbreak showed us that she was actually the Princess.

When the movie had finished we were all dancing to the music. We had a lot of fun!

From 2P

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Year 2 trip to the cinema.

On Tuesday we went to the cinema. We had a long walk to get there and we went under a subway. We had a good time at the cinema watching the Emoji movie. The emojis were funny but some parts of the movie were sad. We made our teachers very proud with our excellent behaviour. We sat really well and listened quietly.

From 2SO

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Stars of the Week – 10th November 2017

DSC08036 DSC08032 DSC08038 DSC08028 DSC08030 DSC08040

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Stars of the Week – 3rd November 2017

DSC08014 DSC08016 DSC07998 DSC08002 DSC08008 DSC08012

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