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Stay and blog in year 2

Mrs Howard talked to the parents about stay and blog in year.We went into our class room and did some bloging.


By David Anna and Kimberley.

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Pokemon Go

In Pokemon go you walk around the place for a example library.

Here are some Pokemon



so get playing.


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Eevee evoulotion trick

eevee has many evolutions  but if you’re fussy and want a particular Pokemon you can follow this trick.

Flareon – pyro

jolteon – sparky

vapeoreon – rainny

espeon – sakura

umbreon – tamao

by vinnie remember leave a comment

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Coming into St. Edward’s stay and blog

I was very pleased to come into Miss Howard’s class to hear about ‘stay and blog’. It’s great to hear about how this new technology is helping to support the curriculum, literacy, technology and the children’s creativity.

I’m looking forward to reading lots of interesting blogs in the months to come.

Emily Kidner mum to Vinnie and Dylan

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The Easter Story

Jesus was welcomed  into Jerusalem. Jesus  was captured  and put into a  tomb. 3 days later he was alive.

Sarayah 2BS .

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School swimming

In year 2 we go swimming on Tuesday and Mrs Sales is our swimming teacher. I am in stingrays group and go swimming after lunch.

Kimberley (2BS) and Daddy.

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Ester Sunday

On Ester sunday my family had a great day. we went to church and had a fantastic time.   Our cousin gave us a big ester egg.


Eleora and Mummy

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Mummy buys me food and cleans my room. Daddy cleans my room and gives me sweets. Mummy doesn’t give me sweets!

Mummy and poppy.


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Learning about swimming

At swimming we are learning to swim on our front and back, we are also learning to swim like different sea creatures ,for example a mermaid, we learn how to do pencil jump into the water, then we do stars on are front and back.

We also have playtime in the swimming pool and my group is stingray.

I enjoyed myself at swimming yesterday.


By Dara,Joppy and mummy


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My trip to the Gruffalo park

Am so excited to be going on my first school trip to the gruffalo park on Friday.

By Mark. RWA

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