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book fair

On June the 14th and 15th our school will be holding a book fair in our school hall. There are a huge range of books to choose from for all ages. it lasts from 3:30 until 4:00. Any more money raised will be spent on new books for the school.

by Kate and Alijah




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2H’s music lesson !

Today  2H had a music lesson.IN our music lesson we did the pulse to some songs.We used instruments to do the pulse with .Next we spit into groups and did the pulse.My favourite part was when I played the triangle.We really enjoyed it.It was lots of fun!

Love Emily and Sky😁👍🏻

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Teaching my mum to blog

After school today Year 2 got to Stay and Blog. My mum has never blogged before so I had to show her how. It’s hard to think of things to write but otherwise it’s easy to do. My big brother is a big distraction while I am trying to do it. Now I have taught my mum how to blog!


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Raihana’s exciting sewing set🎀🛍🎊🎉📓

2 weeks ago my mum got me a sewing set. I sewed a bra with one pink strap and on the other side was a blue strap. Then my aunty sewed me a flowery dress 👗 👗📓

By Raihana 2h

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the trip to the Romford library .

When we went to Romford library  it was of fun and we heard a great funny story called the poo in the zoo and 60 000 and even we could take 25 books it was lots of fun.

By ebony grace 2h.


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Aayra ‘s exciting news 🍭🍿🍫🍩🍬🍪💎💿📀🎀🎊🎁🎈🛍🎉🎏🎀🎁📓

Yesterday I sewed a baby 🧜‍♀️ mermaid doll. It took me two hours to finish it. It looked really colourful and also I named it Freya. I worked so hard on it . I did not go any were till it was finished.

By Aayra Lusinde 2H 💓💘💞💖💕💗💝🔮🔮🔮

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Library Visit

I am happy about the library visit because I can now have access to 10 libraries with my membership. 👍🏽👧🏽🏣🖼🗒l

From Gbemi

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Go Argos

There is a football shop  now in  Argos.

Arnaldo AA2H

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2SO trip to the library

On Tuesday 2SO went to the Romford library.

we all sat on the carpet and listened to 4 stories.

After we chose books from the non fiction and fiction section.

We all had  a fun day at the library.

Cienna Bendo


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My trip to the library

On Tuesday 24 of April I went to the library.It was full of books and it was amazing!My partner was Michal. They read 3 books to us.They also said to join the library.From Sarah😀

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