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KS1 Star of the Week – 28th September 2018

Year 1

Year 2

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My trip to the Romford library 📚

On Tuesday  2so went to visit the library.  We walked together from school.

We listened to a story.  We chose our own books 📚. I chose a book about crystals.  It told you all about where different crystals come from in the world 🌎  It was very interesting.

It told you that there are diamond 💎 emeralds and obsidian.

i enjoyed the library! 😁


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We’ve been reading flat Stanley. At the start of the story Stanley was squashed by a bulletin board which made me laugh. Then mr Lamb Chop and mrs Lamb Chop quickly pulled the board from his bed. I’m looking forward to seeing what happened next.

William Sell 2P

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Plants in science

In science, we have been growing beans. One plant had water and light, one had light and no water, one had water and no light.

The one which grew the best was the one with water and light. The one with no light grew a lot but it was not healthy. The one with light and no water didn’t grow very much.

We saw that the beans need both light and water to grow into healthy plants.

By Sophie 2so

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The trip to the Library

On  Monday  we  went  on  a  trip to the   Library. We got read  a book 📚 and  chose a book                     To read  ourselves.  The Librarian read  us  three  Books .


By  Christian  Wildman

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2so goes to the library .

We went to the library the librarian was called Kathy.My partner was called Aiyana.We read books. We had a good time 👷🏿‍♀️👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩👦👉🏾

Joel B

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Romford Library

We went to the library.

I chose a book that I liked .

it was about cats 🐱.

Sonny Lupson

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Library Visit by 2SO

I walked to the library yesterday with my class. I read some books about Science and Technology. The Librarian read some books of crystals and minerals. I enjoyed myself at the library and I can’t wait to go again soon. From Edward Taylor. 😀

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2P’s visit to the library.

Our class was very excited about our visit to the library. We walked with our teachers and parent helpers to get there. We were met by Kathy, the librarian. She told us a lot about the Havering libraries and about  all the children’s books in the library. She also read us three story books. She answered a lot of questions that the children were allowed to ask. We all enjoyed our visit to the library and look forward to going there again.


By Simrita

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Library trip

We went to the library today and had a good time. The librarian read 3 books to us. I liked the books and one of the books was really funny.


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