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2P’s English lesson

This week in 2P, we have been learning about the ‘Man on the Moon’. It is about a man called Bob who is in charge of cleaning the moon and has to entertain the tourists who come to visit.

On Thursday we re-read the book and had to talk to our partners about everything we remembered from the story. Then we drew small pictures to help us remember and created the story map from these pictures. We found a different partner and told our story based on the pictures we had drawn. Jensen worked with Tommy and they both remembered parts of the story to put into their maps. Caleb liked that we could create the book again through our story maps.

Below are some pictures of the class sharing their story maps with their partners.

From 2P.

IMG_2551 IMG_2552

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Year 2’s Science Experiment

This week in Year 2 we have started a science experiment about growing runner beans. We are growing 3 beans in our classroom. One of the beans is in water and in the daylight. Another bean is in the daylight but has no water in the cup. The last bean has water but it is in the dark. On Wednesday, we made predictions about how we think the beans will grow. Leah thought the bean with the water in the light will grow the best because the bean need’s water to grow. Poppy thought the bean in the dark with water will grow because it has water to help it grow.

These pictures below show our beans as we begin our experiment.

We will observe the growth of the bean next Wednesday in our science lesson.

From 2P


Cup 1 (left) has water and is in light.

Cup 2 (right) has light but does not have water.


Cup 3 has water but does not have any light.

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Year 2’s Christmas Biscuits

We made Christmas Tree biscuits on Monday in our classes. We followed a recipe to help us make them. We all had a go at mixing the mixture and some people put the ingredients into a bowl. Once it was all mixed in, we rolled it into a ball and used a rolling pin to flatten it. We then cut out the Christmas Tree shapes for each of us to be able to eat later on. We put them in the oven and waited for them to cook.

The next day we decorated them with icing and with lots of different sweets. Once we decorated them, we ate them. They were delicious and yummy. Imogen’s favourite part was eating her biscuit topped with strawberry laces, chocolate drops and marshmallows. Charlotte’s favourite part was making the biscuits and rolling out the dough. We made these biscuits just like the elves did in our story ‘Santa’s Secret Island’.

From 2P

Here are some pictures to show you our cooking experience:

IMG_2281   IMG_2363IMG_2386   IMG_2391

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2P’s Christmas Cards to Kenya

This week we have made Christmas cards for our partner school in Kenya. First we had to think about what we wanted to write about inside. We wrote about how we celebrate Jesus’ birthday. We then made a Christmas card and drew different pictures of the Nativity scene. Juliet drew a picture of the stable with Jesus lying in a manger. She also drew the Star that the 3 Wise Men followed. Annabelle drew one of the Wise Men visiting Jesus, who was also lying in the manger and the bright star was shining brightly.

We are going to send these cards to the school in Kenya for the children to read about how we celebrate Christmas.

We hope to get a card back from them telling us how they celebrate Christmas.

From 2P.

IMG_2194 IMG_2210

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2P’s Literacy’s Lesson

On Tuesday we started a book called “The Secret of Santa’s Island”. We were trying to guess what Santa’s island would look like. As a whole class, we drew a big picture of what we thought would be in his island. we drew reindeer’s playing on the beach, elves relaxing and listening to music and someone drew Santa lying on the sunny, hot beach. We had a lot of fun drawing our class picture. Poppy’s favourite part was drawing Rudolf having a nap. Jensen’s favourite part was drawing the different palm trees and decorating them.

Here are some photos to show our class drawing the picture.

IMG_0613 IMG_0619


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2P’s Trip to the Cinema!

On Tuesday, we went to the cinema with the other Year 2 classes.

We walked from school to the Brewery to watch the Emoji Movie. We walked quietly in to the cinema as the movie was starting. We ate our raisins and started to watch the film. We really enjoyed the movie. Our favourite parts was when Gene was trying to guess the password for the firewall. We also liked the ending when all the emoji’s were doing the Emoji Pop as well as when jailbreak showed us that she was actually the Princess.

When the movie had finished we were all dancing to the music. We had a lot of fun!

From 2P

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