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2P’s visit to the library.

Our class was very excited about our visit to the library. We walked with our teachers and parent helpers to get there. We were met by Kathy, the librarian. She told us a lot about the Havering libraries and about  all the children’s books in the library. She also read us three story books. She answered a lot of questions that the children were allowed to ask. We all enjoyed our visit to the library and look forward to going there again.


By Simrita

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Library trip

We went to the library today and had a good time. The librarian read 3 books to us. I liked the books and one of the books was really funny.

Annabelle Pargeter

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trip to library

I like my trip to the library. I liked  books because they were cool and interesting.

I will be  visiting the library with my mum next week.


Michaei odukoya

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On Tuesday the whole of 2p went to the library 📚 for a while.Then the Libarian told us some stories. Last but not least the librarian let us to have a good look at the books to read.After the librarian told us another story that was very funny.After 2p went back to school.   From Alex.

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Library visit 📚

On Tuesday we went to the library 📚 a lady read a couple of books 📚.Then she let us read books 📚 that we chose our selves l chose some fairy books 📚.



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2P at the Library

Today we visited Romford library, we learnt lots of interesting information about the library, my favourite fact was that there was 60,000 books in the library.  We were all allowed to choose and read any book of our choice, the librarian told us where we were supposed to go to get our books from. We were also told about the summer reading challenge which I am very excited about.

By Betsy Winney


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Trip to the library🙂📕📖

We went on a day trip to the accompanied by the teacher. We got to choose our books,library tickets were given before the books were issued.

The fairy was read to  which was very fascinating.

Kayla  Nwigwe


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Library visit

We went to visit the Romford Library with my friends ,my teacher and member of staff. We read books 📚 that we chose.  I enjoyed my time at the library. I had a good time with my friends.

From Camille Harris- Senghor

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2P’s P.E Lesson

Before our P.E lesson, we made algorithms to send our partners around a course. This course was made up of 3 cones that the partner had to walk round and then they had to put a hoop over their heads. We had to make sure that our instructions were correct as our partners had to close their eyes and listen to what we were telling them.

Simrita liked listening to Caleb’s instructions and found it funny when the instruction was wrong and Caleb tried to fix it. Jedidah liked going around the course and lifting the hoop over her head.

Here are some pictures below.

From 2P

IMG_2161  IMG_2166

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2P’s English lesson

This week in 2P, we have been learning about the ‘Man on the Moon’. It is about a man called Bob who is in charge of cleaning the moon and has to entertain the tourists who come to visit.

On Thursday we re-read the book and had to talk to our partners about everything we remembered from the story. Then we drew small pictures to help us remember and created the story map from these pictures. We found a different partner and told our story based on the pictures we had drawn. Jensen worked with Tommy and they both remembered parts of the story to put into their maps. Caleb liked that we could create the book again through our story maps.

Below are some pictures of the class sharing their story maps with their partners.

From 2P.

IMG_2551 IMG_2552

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